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My bookkeeping journey started in 2007 after the company I worked for closed it's doors due to financial hardship. I witnessed the mistakes the owner could have prevented by simply maintaining organized financial records. Unfortunately not keeping track of his basic bookkeeping (and a painful audit) cost him the business he built for 10 years.

This mishap inspired me to start my own bookkeeping service that specializes in complete financial organizing for small business owners. My services will help business owners regain control of their books by customizing a plan that fits their bookkeeping and organizing needs. 

Running a business is a tedious task and sometimes maintaining the books could be difficult and overwhelming. So, if your Quickbooks are in shambles, your receipts are in a shoebox, you're years behind in taxes or in the middle of an audit and need organization, I can help.

- Angela Thompson



Every business is different. My customized services are uniquely designed to fit your individual needs. I work from my own office, so work hours are limitless. My courier is available for pickups and drop-offs. Most projects are completed in a few days. 

Quickbooks Online

I love using Quickbooks online because it gives both the bookkeeper and client the ability to work in Quickbooks at the same time. While the financial professional is working on cleaning up the books, the client has full access to their Quickbooks account, keeping your business current.  

Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation

It's important to reconcile your bank accounts and credit cards monthly. Reconciling your accounts will allows you to see if there's any discrepancies such as entering the wrong amount or duplicate transactions. It will also help locate missing deposits and keep check registers balanced. 

Receipt Organizing (manually or digitally)

Not all businesses use an accounting program. I also organize business receipts. This option includes a customize spreadsheet of all receipts organized by category. Custom filing is also included. 


I also offer consulting services for new Quickbook users.

 As a business owner it's important to know what's going on with your finances. My services will help you get started and maintain your Quickbooks needs. 



"Ms. Thompson has provided bookkeeping services for my law office for the past ten years. She remotely works with the day to day accounting issues of my small business and is always able to answer any questions that I have related to accounting. It allowed me to concentrate on my own work, knowing my finances were in good hands. She has been outstanding in her professional work and a pleasure to work with. In addition, her rates are extremely reasonable compare to other bookkeepers I used to work with. I give her the highest recommendation".


Geva Baumer, Law Offices of Geva Baumer

I was looking for a bookkeeper and was referred to Angela by my attorney 8 years ago.  Angela has been professional,  trustworthy and has consistently demonstrated exceptional knowledge and attention to detail in handling my financial records. Her dedication to ensuring accuracy and timely delivery of financial statements have allowed me to focus on growing my business without worrying about the financial aspect of it.  Especially during tax time.


I am completely satisfied with the quality of her work and highly recommend Angela to anyone needing a reliable bookkeeper.


Luta Duncan

In 2020 I hired Angela to help organize our financial records. Our family own several rental properties in the Bay Area and our books and paperwork were a mess. Our taxes weren’t filed for a few years now, and we had a pending audit. We were in the middle of COVID and Angela still came through. She had her courier service pick up the bags of receipts and paperwork we had accumulated over the past few years. In less than a week my accounts were reconciled and my receipts and paperwork were beautifully organized. My audit resume in 2022. The auditor was impressed by how organized our financials were. It was very easy for him to navigate and find every item he needed. It was a pleasure working with her and I will definitely use her services again."


Jarred Singh, Property Owner

I'm a local seamstress in the Bay Area. I didn't need much accounting help, just someone to keep track of my receipts and expenses for tax purposes. I contacted several accountants and bookkeepers and they all tried to sell me a service I really didn't need. I saw Angela's (are your receipts in a shoe box) ad on craigslist and gave her a call. She created a detailed spreadsheet to keep track of all my expenses. She would pick up my receipts once a month and enter them in the spreadsheet by category. Each month I would receive a report of my expense totals which helped a lot with budgeting. At the end of the year I was given a labeled file envelope with all of my yearly receipts as well as a copy of the spreadsheet for taxes. Great work and very affordable."


Aiesha Black


 "I was 3 years behind in my taxes. As a contracted construction worker my time was very limited so my books were  never a priority. I saw Ms Thompson's ad on craigslist and I called her to help me organized my records so I could file my past and current taxes. She set me up a Quickbooks online account and had all of my financials record (past-present) entered and organized in less than a week. My bank accounts were reconciled and detailed reports were generated for both me and my tax accountant. My statements and receipts were returned to me well organized by year. I was very impressed by her work and if needed will definitely hire her again."


Bruce C-Construction Worker

I own a fashion boutique in the Bay Area and I needed to make sure my books were in tip top shape (since I didn’t have a clue as to how to do them myself lol). I was searching for a bookkeeper for so long but couldn’t find anyone, until I came across Angela’s Craigslist listing. Let me tell you, she’s literally heaven sent! Not only was she extremely organized, she was also VERY detailed and extremely patient. She explained everything to me in such a way that I could fully understand immediately, as well as she gave me amazing advice on how to maintain my books. Trust me when I say this, she’s the best! —Rose

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